50+ Best 20th Birthday Wishes

20th Birthday Wishes-The 18th birthday is just over, the 20th birthday is just around the corner. A big day of jubilation as well as the first big birthday as an adult, because the teenage years are over.

At the age of 20, the world is open to you and you feel young, dynamic and free. The sky is blue and the sun is laughing. What could be nicer than celebrating this day with friends and family. A nice birthday saying or blessing for your twentieth birthday may help to fill the blank greeting card or birthday card.20th birthday

For the 20th they wish you luck, for exam, work or life. That you may find love and rich child blessings. Maybe it’s going west or south, maybe it will be stormy or even cozy. No matter how your life compass turns, enjoy your life, because it is worth living in every situation.

20 greetings I send you, 20 wishes I send here. 20 dear thoughts are included, 20 hugs come by. To the 20 all the best!

  • I wish you the very best for your 20th cradle celebration. And besides, that is very clear: Have a happy new year!

About 20 years ago, a baby came driving up, no stockings and no shoes, I remember exactly, that was actually you. Now you have thick hair, you are tall, you represent something, you drive the car like a star. Let the glasses ring out today, you may well succeed in the next few years. So I wish you health, happiness and money and all the best in this world.

This morning, oh dear, 19 was gone with you. You will be twenty years old, today some corks pop. The seriousness of life begins with the two, happiness, health, happiness are also given. A large piece of the cake and pressed again very firmly. Live serenely and be happy, go on, keep going!

The true art of living consists in seeing the wonderful in everyday life.

On your special day there is a zero today, we think that’s so wonderful. Then pour the champagne and wine, because 20 must be celebrated. We wish you the best of luck, you also need a little money.

Take advantage of your young days, learn to be smarter early on. The tongue seldom stands on the happiness of the great Libra. You have to rise or fall, you have to rule and win or serve and lose, suffer or triumph, be anvil or hammer.

On the 20th, a good tip, Wherever you go, go with all your heart and don’t forget your friends.

Life is like a seed. It starts in the earth, small, invisible, inaudible, but it is there. Only when a time has passed, when it is ready, does it emerge.

If you are no longer a teen and have no wrinkles on your face, be happy that you are now 20 years old. There are tons of presents today, clothes, deodorant, what a trip. We wish you all the best and that your youth would stay for a long time. Stay as personable as you are, keep your happiness and wit

The future should bear flowers for you, brightly beautiful in all colors. Much joy should stand above your life every day.

Not the hammer blow, but the dance of the water rounds the pebble beautifully.

Tell you what I should wish you, my heart is so full of wishes for you. Health is important, a car, a house, after all, you are looking for a good career. A stock package that never loses its value and gives you a nice bonus every year. A sailboat, a beach villa and a lot of dreams firsthand. At 20, the world is at your feet, all you have to do is dare to unlock the doors. Parents and friends are there for you, three cheers for the birthday child!

Anyone who can still be amazed will receive gifts every moment.

20 years are worth your special honor. That’s why we want to tell you today: it’s good that we have you! We congratulate you on your 20th anniversary and hope you will stay here for a long time.

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