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Hardly any other event is so eagerly wished for as an 18th birthday. Finally entered legal age where responsibility steps at your door for one’s own actions. Now apply for driving license for driving a car alone etc….Happy 18th birthday Wishes

It should be celebrated with a big birthday party. Many guests come to congratulate with birthday cards and birthday gifts. Family, friends, relatives and acquaintances are looking for a funny wishes, quotes or poem for the birthday card.

In our Happy 18th birthday Wishes category, we have collected verses and quotes specially for the occasion of 18th birthday.

  • You’re turning 18 today, lots of nice people coming. You can now decide everything yourself, but you have to stay on the mat. You don’t have to carry everything by yourself, you can always ask your parents.
18 Birthday Wishes
  • Finally 18! You are finally allowed to do everything that you have been doing in secret for years.
  • You were a kid for 18 years, time has passed, 18 years of faxing and now you are already an adult.
  • At 18, the doors of the world are open to you. I wish you found the right keys.
  • 18 years – the big turning point, your childhood is over. Turning 18 is Fresh and happy in the life, what could be nicer on this day?
  • 18 years ago you were born, you swam like a pike, you had legs like a woodpecker, you were so vivacious and so great, you filled your diapers. Even today, after 18 years, we are happy to have you.
  • Today you will turn 18, you have been waiting for it for a long time! Despite everything, that is clear, we are still there for you!
  • For your 18th birthday I wish you happiness, success, health and pure joy in the color of life.
  • Build your nest, because the spring lasts, the air is built in the world; Daring wins, weakness melts. Dare! Suffer! The world is Yours.
  • You are now 18 years old, stay energized and drive! Satisfaction, health and money, we have entrusted it to you!
  • You are now 18 years old, you are no longer a child. How time flies so fast May you always find the right path and never disappear from us!
  • Today is your happy 18th birthday, this is a great day. Today you can be elected in election and vote for what is still important, adopt and whatever. Today you can be completely punished. Today it is your decision to create your own freedom, to forge your own happiness now.
  • Once upon a time, not long ago, you were getting ready for kindergarten. You recently went to school because you just started teaching. Where did the time go? Now he is here, coming of age.
  • It’s finally done, you turned 18, now you’re after your age, really solid in life. You are of legal age as it is written in the law, but if that is enough, I hope you are well.
  • You are now 18 years old, full of vigor, full of energy! You have reached maturity. Nothing looks like a past childhood!
  • For young people, it is luck if they always return to their parents – they can when they need a husband! Never forget this, remember!
  • Yes, for the birthday child I have a good sip, and that includes: congratulations, greetings, and handshakes.
  • My dear adult / My dear adult! From today the long leash will come off, you will get your driver’s license today. From today you will be solely responsible for nonsense and nonsense. From today, we will not tell you anything, from today it is your word that counts. From today you can vote for politicians and join a party yourself. But notice one thing, your parents (and family) are there for you, even after you turn 17.
  • You don’t just need money in life, you also need love, joy, happiness – I wish you a piece of everything!
  • Goodbye, dear childhood. A cheer for the long-awaited coming of age. Today we toast 18 with you so that your new life can start. May understanding and reason accompany you, now the time has come, hurray, hurray! We’re here to celebrate today.
  • Today is the big turning point, your childhood is over. But remember: Growing up is not difficult, but being an adult is very difficult. So may happiness and love always accompany you through good and bad times. Congratulations on the 18th!
  • Use your life as you can, give yourself a meaning. Don’t let it blow in the sand, put your skills to profit. Always learn to understand and never lose heart. Build on your skills, you will see, you can do it well. If there is annoyance in spite of all efforts, this wound heals quickly. Don’t let your vigor take away, never give up, get off the hook! But if you are looking for advice and are concerned, think of home, because the door is always open, you can also go out into the world. All the happiness in this world for you for the 18th time from your parents.

Congratulations on 18th birthday

All birthday greetings have been specially tailored for the 18th birthday and are ideal for the birthday greeting card. A few personal words and wishes for the birthday child are appropriate in addition to the congratulatory message, to express the personal joy of reaching the age of eighteen. A hug and a car key and the birthday boy beams. Not everyone can get a car as a gift for their 18th birthday, some have saved money and then can make their dream of a driver’s license come true with the money they get for their 18th birthday. This is why small and large monetary gifts are very popular for an 18th birthday.

On our website you will only find free sayings for your 18th birthday and for other birthdays. Of course, the 18th birthday is a very special one. Many teenagers long for the day when they will finally turn 18.
Now there is also a big party and many guests come to congratulate with funny birthday sayings and birthday wishes. We at imagehappybirthday.com have made it our mission to present you with the most beautiful sayings for your 18th birthday. In our selection you will find rhymes, poems and texts to congratulate the birthday child and to convey the very best congratulations. We wrote many poems ourselves in order to be able to present you with a large selection of sayings and poems.

Formulations for congratulations on your 18th birthday

Hardly any other birthday is longed for as much as driving a car, staying up late and driving late into the night, these are the freedoms that have been valued for so long. Finally your own apartment, conclude your own contracts – finally of age and grown up.
Many forget that when you turn 18, you have a number of duties and responsibilities. Now you are responsible for your own actions and actions and you have to take responsibility for mistakes you have made.

But on the day on which you celebrate your 18th birthday, the joy of the new possibilities of adulthood prevails.

We have collected a few formulations and sample texts that are great for congratulating. All you have to do is enter the name of the birthday child and that of the well-wishers.

Love …Finally it is here, the day of your very personal “declaration of independence”.
Enjoy it to the full! All the best for coming of age! Yours …

Dear “little” brother, a wise person once said: being an adult does not mean
simply to rattle off the phrase “take responsibility”,
rather, trying to know what you are doing.
I wish you every success in this attempt.
And let it rip at the party tonight !!! All the best. Your …

Dear …You can now drive a car, marry without permission, and go out late into the night.
But you have to continue to do one thing: stay the way you are! Congratulations and a happy 18th! Yours …

Dear ….From today you can officially do everything that you have already done secretly anyway.
But even if you are now an adult, one thing is very clear: We will always be there for you in the future. I wish you a happy 18th birthday from the bottom of my heart.

Mom and dad

Dear birthday child, made it, finally 18! A great age at which you can get an incredible amount of swing,
Has courage and confidence. Use all of this to make your dreams come true – in particular
In relation to the degree you are aiming for. I wish you good luck and straightforwardness. Your uncle

We are sure that you will find a nice, witty or amusing saying for your 18th birthday on our birthday congratulations page.

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